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Pine Ridge-Terrace Creek-Coast Ridge Road - California, United States

by Touchstone  
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A hike up Pine Ridge to Terrace Creek, then to the top of the ridge and down the  Coast Ridge Road to Ventana Inn.   A scenic loop hike that takes in the highlites of Big Sur, California.
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Thanks for the tips! I didn't realize that Hwy 1 is closed, that will make the trip much longer coming from San Francisco...
door chris on Apr 06, 2011
Hi Chris

There is seasonal water supplies between trailhead parking and Terrace Creek. Terrace creek runs year round and is ver reliable. Once you gain the Coast Ridge Road, it is dry the remainder of the hike. Terrace Creek offers several excellent camping spots and easy access to Sykes Hotsprings down the trail a few more miles, if you'd like to include that as an additional day hike.

Keep in mind that Hwy 1 to the north of Big Sur is currently closed. Check the Caltrans website for updates on that situation. Otherwise, access to this area is from the south over Nacimiento Fergeson road through Hunter Liggett.

Have a great trip!
door Touchstone on Apr 06, 2011
Is there any water about half way though? I'm considering this for an overnight trip but don't want to be too thirsty...
door chris on Apr 06, 2011
Hey Mike,

Is there anything less than a 14-mile hike down there? :-)

Looks like another nice route to take - should I be on the lookout for new caches popping up along this route? It's been too long since a group of us got together to hike Big Sur.

Hope you're doing well!

door Kealia on Apr 05, 2010
Trip Info
April 03, 2010
Trip Locatie: Big Sur, California, United States
Lengte: 14.0 miles
Duration: 8 hours
Activity: Hiking
Trip 4,721 bekeken
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