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Backdoor into Yosemite - Crane Flat Road - California, United States

by tmusolf  
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I was recovering from a shoulder injury and couldn't join the rest of the gang kayaking down the Merced.  I played shuttle bunny in the morning and then decided to go find a wildflower hike.  What I found instead was a great 3 hour dirt track drive perched on the north wall of the Merced River Canyon.  There were beautiful granite slabs, waterfalls and swimming holes along the way.

The road was in pretty good condition, but in several spots I had to get out and check my clearance.  I wouldn't recommend this drive without a vehicle with clearance and don't try it in wet weather.  There are very few places to turn around once you get on the road.  There was a gate at the east end of the road near where you cross into Yosemite national park that could be locked.

I ran across no other vehicles on the road and saw two hikers walking in from the east.   This could be a very hot hike in the summer as it's on the south facing slopes of the Merced river canyon and there is little shade.
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Trip Info
by tmusolf
May 31, 2008
Trip Locatie: El Portal, California, United States
Lengte: 9.0 miles
Duration: 4 hours
Activity: Driving
Trip 3,242 bekeken
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