Mojave National Preserve

California, United States
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Mojave National Preserve is a large (1.6 MM acres) park that consists of spectacular desert with unique vegetation and wildlife. The park offers great hiking, backpacking, camping, 4-wheel driving and wild flower viewing. The park is accessible by road from Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix and the San Francisco Bay Area. 
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Teutonia-Peak_0.jpg (Cima, California, United States) Photo
Teutonia-Peak_1.jpg (Cima, California, United States) Photo
Teutonia-Peak_2.jpg (Cima, California, United States) Photo
Teutonia-Peak_3.jpg (Cima, California, United States) Photo
Teutonia Peak in the Mojave National Preserve
door Arateva op Apr 25, 2009
Cima, California, United States
3.4 miles
One of the few maintained trails in the Mojave National Preserve.  Definitely worth doing once, but recommend Kessler Peak for a better panorama of the region.
Sooz, Robin, Barbara (Yucca Grove, California, United States) Photo
Greg, Paige, Rick, Corliss (Yucca Grove, California, United States) Photo
Mainly animal tracks (Yucca Grove, California, United States) Photo
Entrance to tortoise den (Yucca Grove, California, United States) Photo
Mojave Petroglyphs - Mojave National Preserve
door Vaudesir op Nov 28, 2009
Yucca Grove, California, United States
3.0 miles
Probably more a walk than a hike, the goal was to check out some cool and old petroglyphs, drawn (or carved) on dark volcanic rocks. Interestingly enough, those petroglyphs are not on the map. You have to know about them (there are books about the various petroglyphs areas in North and Central America).Several persons in the groups came to this place before and knew where to go.We saw dozens of petroglyphs. Some...
Starting... (Cima, California, United States) Photo
Ahead of us: Kessler Peak, our destination... (Cima, California, United States) Photo
Behind us, on the other side of the road: Teutonia Peak... (Cima, California, United States) Photo
In the foreground, a evil
Mojave National Preserve - Kessler Peak
door Vaudesir op Nov 27, 2009
Cima, California, United States
3.2 miles
I was invited by Rebecca to spend the Thanksgiving weekend with friends in the Mojave desert. It was a lot of fun. We set up camp in an old abandoned corral and cabin known as "Thomas' Place" (it's on Google Maps).The plan for Friday was to hike up to the top of Kessler Peak, and then to the top of Teutonia Peak.Kessler Peak is a rocky mountain sticking out from the relatively...
cima1.jpg (Joshua, California, United States) Photo
cima2.jpg (Cima, California, United States) Photo
cima3.jpg (Cima, California, United States) Photo
cima4.jpg (Rainbow Wells, California, United States) Photo
Mojave National Preserve CA: Cima Cinder Cones
door paddlemyfanny op Mar 15, 2009
Cima, California, United States
53 miles
Location: Mojave National Preserve CARoute: Unpaved and unmaintained 4WD roads through the Cima Cinder Cones and Cima Dome.Conditions: 4WD high clearance required for some side tripsWildlife: Lizards, hawksHighlight: Lava tube! Exploring several abandoned mines.  Camping alone under the stars.Distance: 52.9 miles. Date Hiked: March 15-16, 2009
Robin is learning about the place. (Cima, California, United States) Photo
Looking behind, Kessler Peak in the background. (Cima, California, United States) Photo
IMG_0781.jpg (Cima, California, United States) Photo
The climb starts (Cima, California, United States) Photo
Mojave National Preserve - Teutonia Peak
door Vaudesir op Nov 27, 2009
Cima, California, United States
3.7 miles
After having climbed Kessler Peak in the morning, and after a short lunch break, we were ready to climb Teutonia Peak. This time, there was a trail (Teutonia Peak trail) and we happened to be parked right at the trail head.The hike to the foot of this mountain was quite easy. Even though we were actually climbing on the slopes of the "Cima Dome" (whose summit was further away, behind Teutonia Peak),...
IMG_2471 Photo
IMG_2474 Photo
IMG_2476 Photo
IMG_2487 Photo
Exploring Mojave National Preserve with the kids
door joost op Dec 21, 2009
Thomas Place, California, United States
1.7 miles
We camped at Hole in the Wall. What a unique place! The scenery is great, and the desert vegetation very cool. Lots of cactus and Joshua Trees. The kids loved it. The weather was nice. Highly recommended. Will add photos later.
cc1.jpg (Barnwell, California, United States) Photo
cc2.jpg (Barnwell, California, United States) Photo
cc3.jpg (Barnwell, California, United States) Photo
cc4.jpg (Barnwell, California, United States) Photo
Mojave National Preserve CA: Caruthers Canyon
door paddlemyfanny op Mar 20, 2009
Barnwell, California, United States
1.6 miles
Location: Mojave National Preserve CATrail Head: End of unpaved New York Mountain Road up Caruthers Canyon.  4WD high clearance.  Add 1.5 miles to hike for 2WD.Conditions: Moderate climbWildlife: Lizards, mojave rattlesnakesHighlight: Exploring the Giant Ledge Mine.  Soaking your feet in the spring-fed creek.  Fantastic eroded rock formations.Distance: 1.6 miles. Date Hiked: March 20, 2009
The Visitor Center Photo
Trailhead Photo
Rings Photo
Down Photo
Barber Peak Loop Trail
door LVHiker op Jan 29, 2011
Hole in the Wall, CA, California, United States
6.0 miles
This is an easy loop hike with a neat beginning.  There are two sets of rings that help you get to the lower section of Banshee Canyon.  The rings help you by being good foot and hand holds.  WHen I first saw the bolts years ago I thought you'd have to be nuts to do that.  It really was not difficult at all.  We did get off trail after the first 1/3...
Mt.-Kesseler_0.jpg (Cima, California, United States) Photo
Mt.-Kesseler_1.jpg (Cima, California, United States) Photo
Mt.-Kesseler_2.jpg (Cima, California, United States) Photo
Mt.-Kesseler_3.jpg (Joshua, California, United States) Photo
Kessler Peak in the Mojave National Preserve
door Arateva op Apr 24, 2009
Cima, California, United States
0.0 miles
Hiked to the top of this mountain 15 years ago with my best friend Martin Beebee.  Sadly he could not join me this time.  I was in my mid-20s back then.  Now that I'm 40 I'm grateful to say that I could still do this climb with relative ease.  I hope to say the same in another 15 years.
Joshua Tree Forest Photo
Near the summit of Teutonia Peak Photo
Looking Southeast Photo
Looking North from Teutonia Peak Photo
Mojave National Preserve: Teutonia Peak
door jomastso op Dec 30, 2012
Cima, California, United States
3.4 miles
I completed this hike on a solo trip to the Mojave National Preserve.  It can be classified as easy or moderate (if you summit).  The weather was a bit surly on this day, I arrived in the desert around 5:30am to high winds and low temps.  Upon reaching the summit of Teutonia Peak and eating lunch, the temp had dropped to 26 degrees with snow flurries.  After spending many trips in the...

In the desert it's always important to bring enough water, and let a responsible 3rd party know your itinerary.
Visited on Dec 30, 2012

door jomastso on Jul 06, 2013
The Mojave National Preserve is a gem! There is so much history to explore with the Mojave Road, and there is a great hike from the Hole in the Wall Visitor Center. Go and enjoy!
Visited on Jan 29, 2011

door LVHiker on Feb 01, 2011
We stayed 1 night at Hole in the Wall campground in our RV during our road trip in December 2009 (full trip see: here, and did some short walks with our kids. I really liked Mojave for its awesome desert landscape. It is one of those places that is completely different from other destinations in California (other than perhaps Joshua Tree, which is somewhat similar). Mojave desert also has an interesting history with a main rail artery passing through it in the mid 20st century. I would definitely recommend a visit to Mojave if you are planning a California Road Trip, or for a weekend getaway from LA or SF.
Visited on Dec 21, 2009

door joost on Jan 10, 2011

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